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Mardi 6/06/2017 | 19:00

After home

Dans le cadre du cycle des conférences de printemps 2017, la Maison de l’Architecture Midi-Pyrénées invite le public à questionner la thématique des Architectures Domestiques à travers l'intervention d'invités de différentes origines et formations qui apporteront leur point de vue et leur expertise sur ces sujets : ARRHOV FRICK (Stockholm), AIXOPLUC (Reus) et GAFPA (Gent).

Ces structures présenteront, avec leur personnalité et à la lumière de leurs parcours, leur production. Elles aborderont les questions de méthode et d'outils qu’elles ont mis en place dans leurs pratiques de l’espace par la recherche et l’expérimentation.

aixopluc, aixoplucs, the campboards and little maps are four agencies founded and directed by David Tapias. Each one focuses on one of the four core questions that architects face every day: dwelling, technique, resources and learning.

SearchPractice is a written and oral reflection of the common themes that these agencies work on. ‘After home’ is a critical explanation of the ideas of home, house and habitat in several built and ongoing habitats of our practices. How do we build houses when home is not a place anymore? Do our habitats really have something to do with feeling at home? Are there strong, unexpected or hidden connections between a particular environment and a home? We will unveil these and more trilemmas in a format that helps to open a debate around these ideas.

David obtained his architect title at the ETSAB, Barcelona, in 1999, and his PhD at the same institution, with the collaboration of the Centre Georges Pompidou, in 2013. He is accredited as a Full Professor by the ANECA (Spanish Ministry of Education). David has taught at the ear urv (Reus), esarq uic (Barcelona) and The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (Taliesin West, Arizona); and lectured in several international architecture schools, institutions and congresses. His works have been published in several peer-reviewed journals, and exhibited four times at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Cité de l’architecture & de patrimoine in Paris or the Hokkaido University in Japan.

32 Rue de la Dalbade
Maison de l’Architecture Midi-Pyrénées
David Tapias - aixoplucs
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Cycle des conférences de printemps 2017
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