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Samedi 31/03/2018 | 8:30 - Dimanche 1/04/2018 | 16:00

E-commerce, Digital Economy and Delivery Services

Objective of the conference

The objective of the conference is to discuss recent research contributions to the conference topics whether theoretical, econometric, or policy oriented. It is intended to foster exchanges between professionals and academic researchers. The 2014 conference has initiated a successful widening in the topics, beyond the traditional subject of postal economics. The digital revolution shakes up the sector. The development of electronic means of communication affects the core business of transport and delivery operators through multiple phenomena. Electronic substitution of mail and other postal products, growth of e-commerce and its impact on parcel delivery activity will have a crucial impact on the future of postal operators. To contribute to the study of these trends, we extend the scope of subjects to include e-commerce and digital economy.

Université Toulouse 1 - Capitole - Manufacture des Tabacs
21, Allée de Brienne Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) - Auditorium - Building S
Toulouse Business School (TBS)
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Ninth bi-annual Postal Economics Conference